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Burnpur Airport to be launched on commercial basis – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Commercial service is set to begin soon at another airport in the state. The central government’s “flight” scheme includes Burnpur Airport in West Burdwan. Durgapur- Nabanna wants to start the airport quickly keeping in mind the industrial potential in Asansol industrial area.

The Airport Authority of India visited Burnpur Airport late last year. The Airport Authority of India made a number of recommendations on what needs to be done in the area adjacent to the airport to start commercially. The district administration and Nabanna have already implemented several issues recommended by the sources. However, there are still doubts about the cutting down of privately owned trees adjacent to Burnpur Airport. This time, the district administration has been asked to take necessary steps for its speedy disposal, sources said.

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The process of cutting down trees from government-owned lands has already been completed. The district administration has been asked to find a solution on how to cut down trees from privately owned lands through talks.

Commercial aviation has already started from an airport in Andal in West Burdwan district for the last few years. In that case, the possibility of investment in the industry in the Asansol-Durgapur industrial area will increase further if commercial air service is started from Burnpur Airport as well.

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According to sources, there is a runway of 1034 meters at Khabar Burnpur Airport. Small insurers can operate commercially from this Burnpur Airport. According to sources, at least 15 trees have been cut down on privately owned lands. The district administration has already started working on the whole issue to solve the problem.

Although this Burnpur Airport is not new. Planes have landed at this airport before. However, the aircraft did not take off or land commercially. But now Nabanna has started working to start this service commercially. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has convened administrative meetings in several districts of the state. The Chief Minister has recently held an administrative meeting in Purulia, Bankura. According to sources, if all goes well, the Chief Minister may hold an administrative meeting in West Burdwan at the end of this month. Therefore, keeping in view the Chief Minister’s administrative meeting, the district administration and Nabanna have already started working on the whole issue again.

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