Kolkata: Arrested again from post office in Barabazar. Allegedly, this business was going on by setting up huge godowns in places like Posta. Despite the arrest of Enforcement Branch in Kolkata in the Posta area day after day, adulteration is not decreasing. Being arrested often.

Most surprisingly, where the wholesaler of whole turmeric is 90/115 rupees per kg, whole chilli 180/210 rupees per kg, turmeric powder is being sold at 70/80 rupees per kg, chilli powder is being sold at 100/110 rupees. This is the suspicion of the officers of the enforcement branch. On September 1, a pair of officers from the Enforcement Branch collected samples of turmeric powder and chilli powder from Nawab Lane, Raghunath Traders, a post-teenage teenager.

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The samples are sent to the laboratory for testing. After the sample test, the eyes of the officers of the enforcement branch were wide open. Turmeric powder contains rice and dyes used in industry, chilli powder contains husks mixed with dyes used in industry.

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Yugalbabu claims that the color samples found in the test can cause serious damage to the human body. Which has been identified as toxic in laboratory tests. After receiving the report, the officers of the Calcutta Enforcement Branch lodged a case with the Posta Police Station.

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Rajesh Shaw, owner of Raghunath Traders, was arrested in that case. Lots of adulterated turmeric and chilli powder have been confiscated. Police will take Rajesh to court on Wednesday. Complaints, this vicious cycle of adulteration is also going on in large numbers in Kolkata and surrounding districts. From where they are preparing and bringing. The enforcement branch of Kolkata police is also searching for them.

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