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Bus Fare: As much as you like, call for a report on extra bus fares in Kolkata


#Kolkata: City dwellers have been relieved from the pain of bus suffering. At the same time, however, there were allegations of charging extra fares from passengers on most bus routes without a government-approved fare list. 16, 18A, 12C, 12C / 1, airport disputed bugs and more bus routes in the city without any list approved by the government to charge higher fares from passengers. Rahul Chatterjee, general secretary of the All Bengal Bus Minibus Coordinating Committee, admitted the allegation of arbitrary fares on such routes in the city.

“We have received such allegations. We have to look into the matter. The bus owners’ association does not approve of extra fares in the process,” said Titu Saha, general secretary of City Suburban Bus Services. Action will be taken after scrutiny. ” However, Titu Saha admits that in many cases, higher fares have been taken from the passengers through application. But there are allegations of unbridled bus fares on several routes.

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Swapan Ghosh, general secretary of the Minibus Operators Association, said: “Additional fares have been charged on one or two routes. However, it is on the basis of application to the passengers. There are no allegations of extortion from passengers anywhere.” On behalf of the organization, General Secretary Tapan Bandyopadhyay said, “There is no alternative but to increase bus fares. Therefore, the government will be asked to reconsider its decision to increase bus fares.”

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Earlier, Transport Minister Firhad Hakim had said, “If the conductor wants extra fare, hire him and get the ticket. “Send the receipt copy of the complaint to my WhatsApp number. I will tell the officials of the transport department to take action against those involved.”

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