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Businessman Murder: Why are there blood stains on the left railing of the stairs if you are killed on the ground floor? The merchant-killer still has multiple fog


Raina: Where exactly was Busienessman Sabyasachi Mandal killed? On the second floor or downstairs? The police want to be sure about that. Upon investigation, the police came to know that blood stains were found on the ground floor of Raina’s house in Dariapur as well as on the second floor and stair railings.

Rajbir, a friend of the slain Sabyasachi, told police that cooking was taking place on the roof of the house at night. He came down from the ground floor at the shout of Sabyasachi. Then he saw the miscreants attacking Sabyasachi with sharp weapons. He was also injured while trying to save. The blood sample found on the second floor is his. Rajbir’s body was injured on the right side. Most of Sabyasachi’s injuries were to the left.

Now the question is, when Sabyasachi was killed downstairs, how did the blood stains on the left railing of the stairs? Police are enlisting the help of forensic experts to look into the matter.

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A four-member CID investigation team went to the spot on Sunday. After that the forensic experts arrived at the scene. They talked to the locals as well as collected the necessary samples from the scene. The forensic team is looking into whether the blood on the upper floor or on the stairs belongs to Rajbir.

Businessman Sabyasachi Mandal was brutally killed while visiting his village home. The incident took place on Friday night in Deriyapur village of Raina in East Burdwan. Rajbir Singh, the security guard of Sabyasachibabu, was injured in the incident. The motive for the killing is still unknown to police. However, Sabyasachibabu’s father Devkumar Mandal said in a written complaint to Raina police station that his son was killed by a super killer due to a dispute over property.

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He had lodged a written complaint with the police alleging that his brother Gaurahari Mandal, brother-in-law Purnima Mandal, two nephews Deenbandhu Mandal and Somnath Mandal had conspired to kill Sabyasachi. At the same time, Dev Kumar Babu told the police that those who were with Sabyasachibabu at the time of the incident may also have been involved in the incident.

They have a house in Shibpur, Howrah. That house was also attacked a month ago. Bombings were also carried out. An attempt was made to assassinate Sabyasachibabu. A complaint was also lodged with the police in that incident. Gourahari’s son was arrested. Devkumarbabu claimed that Sabyasachi was killed out of that resentment.

Police have launched an investigation into the whole incident. Rajbir, who is with Sabyasachibabu, Perth swimmer and the driver of the car are detaining and interrogating Anand. They told police they were on the roof at the time of the incident. Below is the sound of sudden shots. He came down and saw that Sabyasachi had been stabbed with a sharp weapon. The miscreants also beat Rajbir if he stopped them. When Sabyasachi was taken to the hospital with injuries, the doctor declared him dead.

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