By Election in West Bengal: What is the goal of Trinamool and BJP in the by-elections in Bengal at night?

#Kolkata: By-election in West Bengal The campaign ended on Wednesday. Trinamool is determined to win in those four centers this time. On the other hand, the BJP had won the last assembly elections in two of the four centers, so the Gerua camp is trying to maintain its control by occupying those two centers, namely Shantipur and Dinhata. The goal of the Election Commission is to hold free and fair elections. The central force has already been augmented. According to the commission, the central forces will be present in 100 percent of the booths.

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According to the Election Commission, if there is a booth in a polling station, there will be 4 Central Jawans, if there are 2 to 4 booths in a polling station, there will be 6 Central Jawans, if there are 5 to 6 booths, there will be 16 Central Jawans. And if there are 9 or more booths, there are 24 central forces. In this way, central forces will be deployed at various polling stations.

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On the basis of this rule of the Election Commission, 28 companies of Central Forces have been deployed in Dinhata, 20 companies in Kharadha, 22 companies in Shantipur and 23 companies in Gosaba. The number of voters in Dinhata is 29608, in Kharadahat 232346, in Shantipur 25489 and in Gosba 230230. One of the goals of the Election Commission in this by-election is to get as many voters as possible.

It was announced earlier. After Pujo, by-elections are going to be held in Dinhata of Kochbihar, Shantipur of Nadia, Gosaba of South 24 Parganas and Kharadha of North 24 Parganas. Voting tomorrow, Saturday 30 September. And counting the votes on November 2. The sound of heavy boots of the central forces is now being heard in all the four centers. The general public has been reassured by going from house to house in the Sundarbans Coastal Thana area under Gosaba Assembly constituency.

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Voting will not follow the rules. There will be adequate provision of masks and sanitizers. Brajkishore Goswami is contesting as a Trinamool candidate in Shantipur constituency. BJP candidate Niranjan Biswas. Left Front candidate Soumen Mahato and Congress candidate Raju Pal. Again, BJP MP Nishith Pramanik won the Dinhata assembly constituency by 56 votes. But he later resigned as MLA. So once again by-election is going to be held in Dinhata assembly constituency tomorrow. There are BJP candidate Ashok Mandal, Left Front candidate Abdur Rauf and Trinamool Congress candidate Udayan Guha. On the other hand, Trinamool candidate Kajal Sinha won the assembly elections by a huge margin in Kharadha constituency. But before the results could be announced, he died of coronary heart disease. So there is a by-election again. Shobhandev Chatterjee has become the Trinamool candidate there and Joy Saha is fighting for the BJP.

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