Calcutta high court order on KMC Elections 2021, what will happen tomorrow? BJP in hopes of getting Mars in the polls!

#Kolkata: The hearing of the BJP’s case filed in the by-polls has already ended in the Calcutta High Court. The court is going to give verdict in that case tomorrow, i.e. on Tuesday. A division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava and Justice Rajarshi Bharadwaj will deliver the verdict at 10:30 am on Tuesday.

BJP lawyers want to submit a written transcript of their statement in the case on Monday morning. At that time, the Chief Justice said, the directive has been prepared. Judgment will be given tomorrow, so there is no need for a written statement at this time. Since then, there has been speculation as to whether the verdict on Tuesday will be in favor of the BJP or against it.

The state BJP had filed a public interest litigation in the court demanding that all the municipalities in the state vote together. At the same time, they demanded that VVPAT should be kept with EVM in the state polls including Kolkata. Although the Election Commission has informed the court that they have M1 and M2 EVMs, it does not have any VVIP facility. VVPAT has the advantage of M3 EVM, which is used only during Lok Sabha and Assembly voting.

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Not only that, in response to the court’s question as to why all the municipalities are not voting together, the Election Commission made it clear that there is a shortage of EVMs. Why EVMs were not brought from other states? In response to the High Court’s question, the lawyer of the commission said that the attempt was also made on behalf of the State Election Commission. But now EVM will not be available from any state other than Arunachal Pradesh.

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The court also wanted to know how many rounds of voting will take place in any municipality one day. At that time, the state informed that it would be possible to announce the date after the end of Kolkata pre-poll on 19 December. Corona situation, the amount of EVM, keeping in mind everything, time is sought on behalf of the commission. In this situation, Gerua Shibir is looking at the verdict of the court tomorrow.

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