Calcutta High Court orders School will be opening from 16th November | End of legal complications! The school will reopen on November 16 in the High Court upholding the decision of the state … – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: No more legal hurdles. West Bengal School Reopening is going to be held on 16th November as announced by the state government. The High Court did not intervene in the public interest litigation. The court has made it clear that if the parents and students have any problem with the opening of the school, they will appeal to the concerned authorities and the authorities will consider it. This was stated by the court of the Chief Justice Division Bench on Thursday.

The school (West Bengal School Reopening) will be reopened from November 16 as the court did not intervene. The Calcutta High Court upheld the state’s decision to open the school. The court upheld the state’s October 29 notification in this regard.

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Calcutta High Court On School Opening A division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava told the plaintiff that if the parents had any problem, they would come to the court and talk about the problem. At Thursday’s hearing, the judge told the plaintiff, “How long will the school be open? Do you want your child to go to school? There can be no personal reason. Your child is not in that class. Parents can come to court and tell you. We’ll see.”

However, this decision does not directly affect the plaintiff. That is why the case (West Bengal School Reopening) was disposed of, the court said. The court also said that the students or parents or teachers of that class can lodge a complaint with the concerned authorities if they want.

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Sudip Ghosh Chowdhury, a lawyer in the public interest litigation profession, said, “At the same time, the court has directed the school to consider the applications of the victims as per the state guidelines. This is our moral victory.”

Incidentally, in the Corona situation, a lockdown was announced to prevent the infection from March 23, 2020. Then gradually all the offices, shops and markets of the state are opened but why the school-college is not opening? This question was raised again and again in different quarters. However, in the Corona situation, the final decision to open the school was not taken for the safety of the students. As a result, the students got into big trouble.

In this case, the infection was somewhat under control after the second wave. Then on October 25, in the administrative meeting of Uttarkanya, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee directed the Chief Secretary to open the school. According to the decision, preparations were being made to open the school on October 16 after about 20 months. Starting from sanitation work, cleaning work was in full swing.

A public interest litigation was filed in the Calcutta High Court against the state government’s directive just before the school reopened in this situation. The affidavit states that the state has no specific plans to open the school. The students did not get vaccinated. If the school is opened in this condition, the students will be affected. The hearing in this case was today, Thursday.

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