#Kolkata: Unprecedented incident in Calcutta High Court. Order to start criminal case against lawyer Arindam Roy to Registrar General. Besides, the Bar Council will have to investigate the work of that lawyer. The order was passed by a division bench of Justice Debangshu Basak. Arindam Roy has been accused of repeatedly misleading the High Court by concealing information.

Lawyer Arindam Roy submitted various documents to the court to get bail in the bail case. Get bail in another case by putting one case in front. The matter came to the notice of a division bench of Justice Debangshu Basak. Justice Debangshu Basak remarked, “The lawyer has misled the court. It is a punishable offense.”

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The division bench of Justice Debangshu Basak, while giving directions, stated:

1) Justice Soumen Sen had earlier warned the lawyer to confuse the court.

2) Justice Harish Tandon fined him Rs 50,000 for the same reason.

The court noted in the guidelines that even after that, the lawyer did not return.

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So today the court ordered:

1) The Registrar General will take action under criminal law against Arindam Roy for forgery.

2) The Bar Council has been directed to investigate his actions against Arindam Roy and the Bar Council will take appropriate action.

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