Calcutta High Court: What are sexual harassment on campus? Big decision of Calcutta High Court!

#Kolkata: There have been numerous allegations of sexual harassment on campus throughout the year. So the number of movements is not less. Net result, loss of study. That day is probably over. Because the Calcutta High Court has given important instructions regarding sexual harassment in the campus

“Allegations of sexual harassment on campus do not mean sexual harassment. Allegations of sexual harassment should be investigated first,” said Calcutta High Court Justice Amrita Sinha. At the same time, the judge said in his order that the allegations could be referred to the ICC or the Internal Complaints Committee only if they were serious. The court also clarified whether there could be members of the governing body in the ICC. Justice Amrita Sinha’s verdict in the case of a professor of economics at Vidyasagar College, Bidhan Sarani, North Kolkata.

The High Court has dismissed the allegations made by a female colleague of the same department against the professor of economics (associate). Kallol Basu, counsel for the accused professor, said, “The High Court has accepted our argument and made it clear that members of the governing body cannot be members of the ICC or the Internal Complaints Committee. Now the college has to form a new ICC.” By December 30, 2021.

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The court overturned the ICC’s decision on sexual harassment. Lawyer Kallol Basu further said that the allegations of sexual harassment in the campus will be disposed of in accordance with the proper procedure following the directive of Justice Amrita Sinha. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act.2013, this law must first find out the essence of the complaint before it will be judged by the ICC. He also opined that there was an attempt to dismiss or replace the professor out of violence. Which has already been proved by the order of the High Court. Many people say that the issue of sexual harassment of Vidyasagar College, which has been going on since 2016, is over in the first place. A professor accused of sexual harassment has filed a case in the High Court challenging the ICC decision in the college. Many teachers or students think that the High Court order will be a proper investigation into all those allegations.

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