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Calcutta University Yet to take final decision know what students are saying Future trapped in the on-off gero! CU wants to test through which? What are the students saying? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Which medium will be tested online or offline? Most of the higher education institutions in the city are suffering from this fluctuation. University authorities held a meeting today with 155 colleges under Calcutta University. Principals attended the meeting on behalf of the colleges. The meeting was also attended by senior officials of the university including the Vice-Chancellor. The meeting lasted for about two and a half hours from 2 pm. But there is also a mixed opinion among the principals (Offline Online Exam).

However, sources said that most of the principals have given their opinion in favor of taking the test offline. It has been informed that the final decision will be announced on behalf of the university after a meeting on the 3rd after recording the views of all (Offline Online Exam).

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On the one hand, while the college and university authorities were meeting inside the College Street campus, students from different colleges joined in the protest at the two gates of the university. They have been protesting against the online test. They claim that since most of the colleges still have about 50-60 percent syllabus left, they will not be able to take the exam offline in any way. Why is the medium of offline during the exam when the reading is done online? They are raising questions.

Shubhjit Samanta, a college student from South Kolkata, came today to take part in the protest. Shubhjit said that they have come together mainly through WhatsApp group. They claim that when exams are taken online in other universities, they will not get any opportunity in higher education if they take exams offline depending on 50-60 percent of the syllabus.

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Everyone is looking at what is decided on the 3rd. However, since the principals have mostly demanded offline exams, the university’s decision is likely to go in that direction. However, in almost all the universities in the state, many students are hopeful that the decision to take online exams will be in their favor.

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