Car crashed 10 people | Bengali news | Someone else in the driver’s place! Bolero pushing ten people one by one in Deganga! Then …

#Deganga: Terrible accident at Deganga Bazar on Taki Road. A bolero car went away, crushing the vegetable growers sitting on the road. Eight to ten people were injured in the incident. Two of them have been referred to Barasat Hospital as their condition is critical. The rest are undergoing treatment at Bishwanathpur Health Center.

It is alleged that the car was heading towards Barasat from Basirhat. Locals allege a woman was taught to drive in a driver’s seat by her driver. He was sitting next to her. Suddenly, the car lost control near the Deganga vegetable market and drove over five vegetable shops in a row. Four to five vegetable growers and five vegetable sellers were injured in the incident.

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Upon receiving the news, the police of Deganga Police Station quickly rescued the injured and took them to Bishwanathpur Health Center. The two have been referred to Barasat District Hospital as their condition is critical. Deganga police have arrested a Bolero car with a female driver.

Note that this car was used as an ambulance. Today the woman grabbed the steering wheel of the car. Then this accident.

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