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CBI || CBI team interrogates Rujira Bandopadhyay again in Abhishek’s house


Kolkata: CBI interrogates again in coal smuggling case. On Tuesday, a CBI team arrived at Harish Mukherjee Road to question Abhishek Banerjee’s wife Rujira Bandopadhyay. There were two female officers in the team of eight. Rujira was interrogated in their presence.

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According to CBI sources, Anup Majhi alias Lala, the main accused in the coal smuggling case, had diverted the money to a bank account. The CBI has come to know that the account is in the name of Rujira. Anup Majhi’s money in a foreign account?

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According to CBI sources, Anup Majhi had asked Inspector Ashok Mishra for money transfer. Ashok Mishra again told Anup’s accountant Neeraj Singh. Neeraj then asks Anup Majhi if he will send a large sum of money. Anup asked the boatman to pay. Neeraj then sent the money to Bangkok’s account. Neeraj sent screenshot of WhatsApp chat to Ashok and Anup.

Incidentally, the first CBI came to interrogate Rujira on February 23. The next day, on February 24, the CBI went to Rujira’s sister’s house. About fifteen months later, the CBI came to Rujira’s house again for questioning. The CBI got some information. According to CBI sources, some of the answers were hazy. That is why interrogation again. The CBI issued a notice to Rujira. The Central Intelligence Agency came to the house and interrogated Rujira.

How did Anup Majhi’s money go to Bangkok account? There are several inconsistencies in the answer to this question. The CBI is questioning Rujira about that account. The CBI claimed that the bank account was in the name of Rujira. How to transact money in a foreign account? CBI 6 is looking for answers


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