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CBI Interrogated Birbhum Businessman today for three hours This time the businessman of Birbhum appeared at the CBI office in the cattle smuggling case, who is this Rajiv? – News18 Bangla


#Birbhum: This time a businessman from Birbhum is facing CBI interrogation in cattle smuggling case. Rajeev Bhattacharya (Cow Smuggling Case), owner of Rice Mill, was interrogated for three hours at the office of CBI Anti-Corruption Branch at Nizam Palace on Friday.

Birbhum Trinamool district president Anubrata Mandal was summoned on the same day for cattle smuggling. He did not show up on the day citing illness. However, on the same day, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) questioned Rajiv Bhattacharya, a businessman close to him and a rice mill owner. According to sources, the interrogation lasted for three hours. Not only that, the detectives have asked the businessman to submit business related documents, bank account and income tax related documents.

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Enamul Haque and BSF Commandant Satish Kumar, one of the main accused in the Cow Smuggling Case, were taken into custody by the CBI. The CBI claimed that the investigating agency got information about Rajiv after interrogating them at that time. Birbhum was originally used as a corridor for cattle smuggling. At that time many influential businessmen have invested in the business of smuggling money anonymously. Sources said that Rajiv was interrogated on the same day.

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Basically, the investigating officers are trying to find out whether there was any anonymous investment in Rajib’s business. According to CBI sources, his business related documents will also be scrutinized. If any discrepancy is found in it, it may be called again. Not only Rajiv, but also several businessmen are under CBI’s notice this time.

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According to sources, they may also be summoned for the sake of investigation. On this day Rajiv was asked several questions about cattle smuggling. According to the source, the investigators are also investigating whether there was any direct involvement with the traffickers. Investigators are also looking into whether he was linked to traffickers in any influential political connection. At the same time, the CBI has also verified the statements given by Enamul and Satish.

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