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CBI search in SSC office, recover hard disk, documents, files – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: This is the first time in the SSC case that the CBI has searched the SSC office and seized a large number of documents. According to CBI sources, eight to ten hard disks, six cupboards inside the office and a lot of files have been confiscated. Multiple files related to SSC have been confiscated. A CBI team is examining these documents and hard disks. According to CBI sources, the CBI raided the SSC office last Saturday and Sunday and recovered several important documents, files and hard disks related to SSC.

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The server room was sealed a few days ago. No one could communicate in the server room of the SSC office from outside or at home, or tamper with evidence, so all internet connection in the server room was cut off. There were 14 computers and a CPU in the room, which was also sealed by the CBI. 6 cupboards were sealed with it.

Group C litigants Milon Das, Dipankar Manna and ninth and tenth class litigants Anindita Bera and their lawyer Sudipta Dasgupta appeared in the SSC case. The three SSC plaintiffs were summoned on Monday. They presented the documents to the CBI. Plaintiff Anindita Bera said documents were sought from her. That is why he has appeared at the CBI office. Those who got lower marks got jobs but he did not get jobs even though his name was on the list.

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Lawyer Sudipta Dasgupta said that the CBI had summoned the plaintiffs in the SSC case with their documents. That is why 3 plaintiffs came on Monday. They have been asked to summon the documents to know on what basis they have filed the case. The plaintiffs came to Nizam’s Palace around 11 am on Monday. Investigators want to know from them, on what basis did they file this case? What are the documents? How many numbers were on the list? How did they become convinced of the corruption? Is there any information and documents against this corruption? The CBI inquired into all these matters.

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