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CBI to file third status report in Bogutui arson case and second status report in Vadu Sheikh murder CBI to present status report in Kolkata High Court on Bagtui case and Bhadu Shekh death case – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The CBI will submit the third status report in the Bogutui fire connection case and the second status report in the Vadu Sheikh murder case, i.e. two status reports in two cases in the High Court. According to the report, the DNA of the seven victims was collected along with the DNA of their families and sent to the Delhi Forensic Lab. That was mentioned in the match, claims CBI. A total of 30 people have been arrested in the incident. On the other hand, the CBI will submit its second status report in the High Court on Tuesday.

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On March 21, Trinamool leader Vadu Sheikh was killed in Rampurhat. He was standing near the bike on the road. He was then killed by a bomb. Then the miscreants fled. On the same night, after a while, the house was set on fire in Bogutui village. The burnt bodies of seven people were recovered from the same house. Nearby houses were also set on fire. In all, ten people later died. But Mihilal Sheikh’s family alleges that the family members did not identify the house from which the bodies of the seven were recovered. Someone else did. The DNA of the deceased was sent to the Delhi Forensic Lab following a complaint by the family of the deceased after the CBI took charge of the investigation in the High Court. On the other hand, the DNA of the family members of the deceased was sent to the Delhi Forensic Lab. The report mentions that DNA match, claims CBI.

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District police arrested 21 people in Bogutui arson The remaining 9 were arrested by the CBI. The CBI arrested four persons Bappa Sheikh, Sabu Sheikh, Chand Sheikh and Paltu Sheikh from Mumbai. The CBI arrested five more people. In all, a total of 30 people were arrested in the Bogutui case. Joint Director Ghan Shyam Upadhyay and DIG CBI Akhilesh Kumar Singh visited the spot. The forensic team also went to the spot. On the other hand, the High Court directed that the investigation into the murder of Vadu Sheikh in Rampurhat be handed over to the CBI. A CBI team including DIG CBI Akhilesh Kumar Singh visited the spot. The CBI gave its first status report on May 2 in the Vadhu case. This time the second status report will be given. All in all, it can be said that Bogutui and Vadu Sheikh are the CBI involved in the murder.

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