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CBI: Upen Biswas gave investigation class to CBI officers, the whole assembly heard!


#Kolkata: Former CBI Additional Director Upen Biswas in his social post brought up the issue of corruption in the state’s primary recruitment. A post full of honesty in the name of Baghdad Ranjan caused a stir across the state.

That Upen Biswas reached the Calcutta High Court himself today. Bagda Ranjan was the first to be unveiled on a bench of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay in a white robe. Upen Satan told the judge that Bagda Ranjan was actually a sandalwood mandal. The plaintiffs’ lawyer Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya and Firdaus Shamimra immediately told the court that the allegations in their case were against Chandan Mandal. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay’s question to Upen Biswas,

Why did you complain by posting on Facebook? Why didn’t anyone complain to the police? Why did Sat Ranjan say that?

Upen replied with a straight bat, “My Lord, I was helpless. Ranjan is a dot in a spider’s web. They have to find many dyes in the spider web. Dyeing Baghdad is actually a well-organized crime. This crime cannot be committed alone. Many are involved in this crime. Suppose 400 crores of corruption. It takes a lot of people to count the amount of this corruption. Ranjan alone does not want to commit such organized crime. A dot is just a dye. Forget Ranjan, from today I am saying Ranjan is actually Chandan Mandal. Ranjan is a dot in a spider’s web. They need to find a lot of dye in the spider web.

The court will decide who will lead the seat and which officers will be present. The seat will regularly report to the High Court. If the Joint Superintendent is the head of the seat, he will be present in the court on the day of submission of the report.

A minimum of 15-20 members is required. Seat members cannot be transferred anywhere until the investigation is completed. Upen Babu was a compulsory student of CBI class then the current investigating CBI officers in charge.

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Then Upen goes on to say more. “The CBI has no head. There is no specific DIG here. Manpower is low. With this team, the CBI will not be able to take into custody even a single pin, let alone a CBI-appointed CBI seat.

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“The CBI investigation should be under the supervision of the court. Then the Prime Minister himself will not be able to swallow the investigation. I would like to help the CBI in the investigation by sharing all my experiences. 24 hours, day and night, whenever you want, the CBI will get me to cooperate in the investigation.

Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay himself commented that he was happy in Thuri class on the advice of Upen Babu, I am happy with Upen Babu’s information and advice (Inspired).

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