#Kolkata: The CBI will present the paper report of Bikash Mishra Arrested in Coal Scam today. Since Bikash Mishra is hospitalized at the moment, he is not going to be physically produced in court That is why the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) will present the necessary documents in favor of the arrest in the court

On Thursday, the CBI arrested Bikash Mishra, accused in the coal scam. CBI officials arrested Bikash Mishra while he was admitted to a private hospital in Kolkata. Bikash Mishra is currently in the hospital. That is why a CBI team has been deployed at the hospital.

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According to CBI sources, a CBI team went to a private hospital in Bypass on Thursday. He was arrested by the CBI on Thursday afternoon. Asansol CBI Special Court on Wednesday dismissed the interim bail of Bikash Mishra and issued an arrest warrant in the coal case. After that the CBI team contacted the hospital. The team arrives at the hospital at night. But after some procrastination, the CBI finally arrested Bikash Mishra on Thursday afternoon.

The main accused in the coal case is Binoy Mishra’s brother Bikash. But investigators were confused about how he would be produced in court on Friday. Because, if he is kept under treatment in the hospital then the documents will be submitted to the court. The CBI had decided that if he was released from the hospital, he would be physically produced in the Asansol CBI Special Court.

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According to court sources, the reason for issuing the arrest warrant against him was to appear in court repeatedly while he was on interim bail from the Asansol court but he did not show up due to physical illness. Bika. That is why the court issued an arrest warrant.

An application was filed by the CBI in April seeking cancellation of the interim bail of Bikash Mishra. Bikash received mixed interim bail last March. As requested by his lawyer, Bikash Mishra has liver disease. He applied for interim bail as he was ill. The court then granted him interim bail. But even though he was supposed to appear in court and cooperate with the CBI, he has repeatedly avoided appearing in court on the pretext of Bikash Medical Ground, sources said.

Wednesday was the last day to attend. But Bikash Mishra was admitted to the hospital late Tuesday night. As a result, he did not appear before the court on Wednesday. Bikash Mishra was earlier arrested by the ED from Delhi. The CBI then took him into their custody from Tihar Jail. But within a few days he was hospitalized for illness. According to CBI sources, the hospital will also be asked to find out what developmental ailments Bikash has.

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