Center do not permit Mamata Banerjee’s Rome Visit | Mamata Banerjee’s visit to Rome is the center of ‘no’

#Kolkata: The Center did not allow Mamata Banerjee to visit Rome. Mamata Banerjee was scheduled to attend a special function in Rome on October 6 and 7. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is supposed to be Pope Francis. The foreign ministry says the event is not appropriate for the chief minister’s participation.

The Foreign Ministry said in a one-line letter, not allowing the visit to Rome, that the event was not in line with the Chief Minister’s post. The letter from the foreign ministry arrived at midnight on Friday.

An Italian non-governmental organization organized an international peace conference. It was right that Mamata Banerjee would leave for Bhabanipur knowing the results of the by-election. The Chief Minister was also making such preparations. The External Affairs Minister was requested to allow the Chief Minister to attend the function. But that being said, this stage is not consistent. This letter sent to Navanna is just one line. No explanation was given as to why the platform was inconsistent.

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Naturally, political pressure has started to come to the fore in this incident. There are many questions as to why it is not consistent that Angela Merkel can go to the event, Pope Francis can go.

Like the Trinamool, the BJP government has taken this step out of jealousy. Like the BJP, on the other hand, when separatists are cleverly using the rhetoric of various international forums, the Chief Minister’s rhetoric cannot be censored if he takes the stage, and there may be a risk in foreign policy. Trinamool is again saying that this argument will not stand up in any way.

There is strong interest in the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States. Among them, the people of the state were eager to hear what Mamata Banerjee said during her visit to Europe. But the Center canceled that visit. The Center did not take the responsibility of explaining the inconsistency in the argument. The question remains whether the organization, which has been working successfully in various social spheres for more than half a century, does not fit into any argument. Some say that the center turned and handed over the weapons to the grassroots.

Subrata Mukherjee said, “It is a very immoral act. Can it be done? A Chief Minister, he is the Chief Minister of a state in the country. He is going to get a prestigious award. He was stopped. It cannot go on.”

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