#Kolkata: Representatives of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory will collect samples from the spot at Rampurhat Violence in Rampurhat. The High Court (Calcutta High Court) on Thursday sought a report from the state-constituted bench on how far the investigation has progressed.

On this day, the Division Bench 6 of the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court gave such an order The High Court also directed that there should be no delay in forensic examination Besides, the High Court also directed to cover the four sides of the spot with CCTV cameras The High Court also directed to preserve the footage of CCTV cameras or video cameras The High Court has directed to install CCTV in Bogtui village under the supervision of East Burdwan District Judge.

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A pair of public interest cases were filed in the High Court over the Rampurhat incident Following the plea of ​​the plaintiffs, the hearing of the case started on an emergency basis from 2 pm on this day The plaintiffs had earlier demanded a CBI probe into the incident On the same day, the plaintiffs’ lawyer Feroz Edulji said that a special team of CFSL in Delhi would conduct a forensic examination to find out how the houses in Bogtui village caught fire. He also argued that it is very important to collect samples within 7 days for proper investigation

Feroze Edulji also objected to Gyanwant Singh and Sanjay Singh, two members of the state-constituted seat. He said, ‘Gyanwant Singh Rizwanur Rahman is a conspirator in the murder. 7 years removed from service. IPS Sanjay Singh was fired by the Election Commission for lack of impartiality.

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Ravi Shankar Chattopadhyay, another lawyer for the plaintiffs, said, “The DG of the state police says politics has nothing to do with the incident. See the tweet of ruling party leader Kunal Ghosh. No investigation is possible with the state police. “

Another lawyer, Priyanka Tibrewal, questioned, “Gyanwant Singh is a member of Anis Khan’s murder seat. The same officer is also a member of Rampurhat Kand. Why is the state so confident in this person? Locals say the killings were the result of a political feud between the ruling party and the opposition. How can the DGP say there is no political affiliation? ‘

In response, the state’s Advocate General told the court that the state had already formed a seat and started an investigation. Forensic samples are also being collected Samples that can be saved 7 He said that arrangements are being made to provide security to the families of the victims

At the same time, welcoming the court’s decision to intervene spontaneously in the Rampurhat incident, the AG said, “I would like to report to the court as soon as possible what action has been taken. The state is taking all possible steps to allay the fears of the villagers.

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