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Chandipath from shoe sewing! ‘People’ make it difficult for Bengalis on foreign soil – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Badal Kumar Ghosh was in the army. The boy works in Canada. Badalbabu Najehal went there after retirement. Everything is different. He thought that he would not be able to take care of the boy for many years, but those who are new will have a hard time. Bank officer Arup Ghosh opened ‘Kolkata Days’ in his father’s mind. ‘Alpine to Elephant’ means ‘Kolkata Days’, the easiest way for Bengalis in Canada.

Finding a home for newcomers, opening a bank account, children’s school, driving license, doctor … all these activities are accompanied by ‘Kolkata Days’. Indrajith Dutt started talking from the source of Arupbabu’s words. He works in an IT company. After staying for some time, someone wants to buy a house or a car, wants to bring their parents to this country, their visa or medical insurance work, ‘Kolkata Days’ is next to them, they can be trusted with their eyes closed. Men and women, of course, are also part and parcel of the little ones.

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So far from Kolkata, there are thirteen festivals in twelve months so that no one misses Bengal. The biggest beneficiaries are teenagers and children. Their bonding is quite good. Everyone is one and the same. As if everyone is a member of the same family. Dipyaman Sinha nodded at Lali Ghosh’s words. Interestingly, they call themselves ‘people’. Now there are about a thousand ‘people’ of ‘Calcutta Days’. Tens of thousands of Bengalis live in Canada. Most addresses are Ontario. Someone go read. Someone to do the job. Many then left with citizenship. Many are now working in the United States with Canadian citizenship, despite the tightening of US visa policy. Come abroad and taste the country. Familiar chats, quarrels with relatives and friends.

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‘Calcutta Days’ means tensionless people. This organization does not give anyone a chance to think alone. ‘Kolkata Days’ launched 365 days, 24 hours. Arup Ghosh’s eyes became bright as he spoke. At the beginning of 2017, I could not have imagined that ‘Kolkata Days’ would be able to make such a fuss so soon. Many people communicate through Bengalis living in Canada and also through Facebook. Once you set foot in Canada, you will see the magic of ‘Calcutta Days’. However, there is no cost to see this magic. Here we are the messengers of the ‘people’. Made for Each Other- says expatriate Bengalis like Debashree Sinha or Supriya Chatterjee. A large Bengali family in the heart of Canada. Today, they are all united with the aim of keeping Bangaliana alive in foreign lands. Bound in love. In the words of the members of ‘Calcutta Days’,’ Unknown people have become members of the same family overnight. Today the ‘people’ have eased the difficulties of the Bengalis in foreign lands.


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