#Kolkata: Finally the end of speculation. Former state minister and former BJP leader Rajib Banerjee returned home on Sunday after a long absence from politics. Yesterday in Agartala, he joined the grassroots camp holding the hand of Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee (Rajib Banerjee). However, since this joining episode was in Tripura instead of Bengal, the question has arisen in the political arena. Rajib Banerjee also answered that. Meanwhile, the color of the former Trinamool’s Facebook page and much more changed on the morning of the official joining yesterday.

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However, Rajiv Banerjee said, “I don’t think about color. I wear all kinds of clothes. Reading green today does not mean that I am returning to TMC.” Rajib Banerjee has returned to the grassroots house in a foreign state, not on state soil. In this context, Rajiv said, “I was told by Abhishek Banerjee that he would join me in his hand, so come to Tripura. The Trinamool is now an all-India party. So where is my objection if I join Tripura.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, Rajiv Banerjee’s social media page changed from where the former Trinamool MLA and minister had hinted to leave the Trinamool on Facebook one day. Incidentally, Rajiv Banerjee had changed the cover photo on Facebook a few days ago. There is a picture of him and it says ‘People with people next to me.’ However, on Sunday morning it was seen that the background color of his cover page has also changed. The color from light purple is blue. Besides, no pictures of BJP meetings or leaders were seen on his Facebook profile. However, only Bir Savarkar’s picture was found on his Facebook profile.

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Rajiv Banerjee has been distancing himself from the BJP since the results of the state assembly elections were announced on May 2. Even before leaving the BJP, he has been posting one after another on social media about the BJP leadership and Shuvendu Adhikari. Besides, she has been seen praising Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee. Since then, there have been rumors that the former state minister may leave the BJP and join the grassroots.

On the other hand, the BJP camp too had given a post to the Central Committee a month ago to keep Rajiv Banerjee in the party, probably out of anger. But even after getting the post, he had already made it clear that he was no longer in the BJP. And there were many questions about giving him the post.

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