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#Kolkata: The ED and CBI have violated the rules by handing over chargesheets to two state ministers and a MLA in the Narad case. State Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee summoned the officials of the two central investigating agencies over the allegations. CBI and ED officials have been asked to appear before the Speaker in the Assembly on September 22 at one o’clock.

The ED and CBI have already filed chargesheets against two state ministers, Firhad Hakim and Subrata Mukherjee, in connection with the Narad case.

What is the principal’s demand?

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly demanded that chargesheets be filed against the ministers and legislators, but the Speaker was not informed about it. Biman Banerjee also claimed that a chargesheet could not be filed against any member of the Legislative Assembly without the consent of the Speaker. As a result, the principal is angry against the two central agencies The Speaker directed the concerned officials of ED and CBI to appear before the Legislative Assembly on September 22 at 1 pm, using Section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

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An explanation will be sought from the officials of the Central Investigation Agency as to why the chargesheet was submitted in such a manner. The Speaker further demanded that in order to file a chargesheet against any Minister or MLA of the State, if the Speaker and the Union Minister are in the Legislative Assembly, permission has to be sought from the Speaker of Parliament. In this case, it was not accepted. As a result, what the ED and CBI have done is illegal and in violation of the law, Banerjee said.

What is BJP saying

Naturally, the BJP is unwilling to accept this demand of the president BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya said, “The CBI, ED is investigating on the direction of the court. In this case, the Speaker should co-operate with him in the interest of investigation. The rule is to inform the speaker about the investigation, not the permission.

Meanwhile, the Speaker has hinted at raising the issue at the All-India Conference of the Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies on September 15. Recently, during the Speaker’s visit to the state assembly in Delhi, the issue was discussed with Biman Banerjee to get the side of the speakers of the non-BJP-ruled states of the country.

Statements of political circles

According to political sources, several leaders of the ruling party in the state, as well as the central investigative body against the ministers, have resorted to tactics to put counter-pressure on the investigating agencies like CBI and ED with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

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