#Kolkata: Fake army officer arrested for cheating in the name of giving job in Indian army! Five arrested by Lalbazar Gunda Daman branch on fraud charges. Not only that, they were deceiving many ordinary people with their high-ranking Indian Army official identity. The police have exposed that cycle.

According to intelligence sources, the suspects were identified as Shivam Pandey, Rohit Kumar Gupta, Jitendra Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Gautam and Uma Kanti Yadav. They used to make allegations, fake ID cards, fake documents, forms and deceive the common people in the name of giving them jobs in the Indian Army. The anti-hooligan branch of Lalbazar arrested the accused in front of a well-known hotel in Kolkata and from various places. According to intelligence sources, the fraud case was registered at New Market police station a few days ago. Lalbazar Gundadaman branch took charge of the investigation of that incident.

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The arrested Shivam, Rohit, Jitendra, Abhishek, Uma are residents of Gazipur in Uttar Pradesh. They used to bait the unemployed to get jobs in the Indian Army. He used to show various documents, i-cards, forms and earn trust. Fraudsters also falsely identified themselves as army officers or high-ranking army officers in order to increase their trust by taking millions of rupees from them with false assurances. In this way, he would earn money in a few stages by gaining faith, and after that he would disappear. Tiki did not match even by phone.

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The fraudsters lodged a complaint at the New Market police station. According to intelligence sources, these fake documents, forms, Indian Army i-cards, were used by them for fraud. The search is on for where and how these documents were made. Detectives believe that many more are likely to be involved in this job fraud cycle. The accused have defrauded millions of rupees in the name of giving them jobs.

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