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#Kolkata: Who is going to be the new mayor of Kolkata (KOLKATA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION ELECTIONS 2021)? Speculation has started around multiple names. Firhad Hakim is one of those whose names are the subject of much speculation. However, Chetla’s ‘Bobby’ is busy with his granddaughter and family, leaving all the practices aside. After the victory of Kolkata, Firhad Hakim, however, says, “This victory is the victory of Mamata Banerjee. People have relied on Mamata’s development. This victory is the victory of human faith. “

There was speculation as to whether Firhad Hakim would be a candidate in the just-concluded polls. It was thought that the ‘one person, one post’ policy could be seen in the list of candidates for the pre-poll grassroots. However, six MLAs and one MP from Kolkata were nominated. They have all won. Even the party leader Mamata Banerjee actively gave special responsibility to the pre-vote of more than one MLA-MP. Of the 144 wards in Kolkata in which the Trinamool had no hesitation in winning, it was definitely number 72. There was no doubt about the victory of this ward of Bhabanipur assembly. Besides, the Trinamool Congress has snatched victory in seven wards of Firhad Hakim’s central port assembly constituency. Here too, Firhad Hakim, after getting seven-seven, explained that the ‘fortress’ called Bandar has remained intact for the Trinamool.

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Firhad Hakim won the last assembly election with 6,554 votes. But in the 2015 Kolkata pre-poll, the Trinamool won in wards 7, 8, 69, 70, 133, 134 and 135 but the CPM occupied ward 75. Trinamool has snatched victory in that ward this time too. He was then a MLA and a Minister. After Shovon Chatterjee resigned as mayor in November 2016, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee appointed Firhad Hakim. For him, the ruling Trinamool Congress also changed the Calcutta Municipality Act.

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Before that no one could be mayor without a councilor. But the law changed as soon as Bobby was given the post of mayor. Now, within six months of becoming the mayor, anyone can win from any ward in Kolkata. That’s exactly the way Firhad won from ’82. In eight months, he managed to vote 3 times He also won the team in the wards under his charge. The Trinamool Congress has not declared Firhad a ‘mayoral candidate’ in this election. However, his experience as a mayor, especially in the aftermath of the Covid situation and the Amphan storm, is the way he has handled the responsibilities. It is expected that Bobby’s name will be announced today.

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