#Kolkata: Greetings to the party symbol Chhat Pujo Forward Bloc, this unprecedented decision by keeping an eye on the Hindi-speaking vote bank in the municipal polls? The question is in the political arena.

Greetings from Chhat Pujo on the banner of Forward Bloc. Controversy has started in the political arena centering on this unprecedented picture before the municipal elections. According to a section of political experts, leftist parties have never been seen to be directly involved in pujo or religious ceremonies, except for bookstalls in pujo. Forward block is one of them. Chhat Pujo’s greetings to the party symbol and this is the first time. Has the party, which has become virtually politically irrelevant in the state, resorted to new methods to turn around?

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Although the Forward Bloc leadership does not see any fault in this. Sudip Bandyopadhyay, a member of the party’s state committee, said, “Our party has never objected to the practice of religion, even though it has never been directly involved in it. It is a multi-religious country. The ground is where it is difficult to get people to come here to talk to people. In the coming days we will reach people in other festivals in the same way. Some political parties use religion to politicize polarization. Will take. “T

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Although the question has arisen in the recent Durga Pujo Kali Pujo Gelo no such initiative was seen there. But is the Hindi-speaking vote bank the target of the Forward Bloc?

Dismissing this allegation, Sudip Bandopadhyay demanded, “We are Netaji’s party. Our party does not do politics of religion, language, caste. The interests of the people and the interests of the people are paramount for us.”

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