Child Fever in Kolkata: The new fever is spreading like wildfire, why children are affected

#Kolkata: The State Health Department has formed an expert committee on Child Fever. A five-member expert committee has been formed on behalf of Swasthya Bhavan on Tuesday. Children suffering from viral fever in districts of the state (Child fever in West Bengal). Health Officer Ajay Chakraborty said the expert committee would work out an outline of how to treat the situation. Guidelines will be made soon.

Soumitra Ghosh, a critical care specialist at SSKM Hospital, is on the committee. Mihir Sarkar, a pediatrician at Calcutta Medical College, Bhaswati Banerjee, a physician at the School of Tropical Medicine, Bibhuti Saha, an infectious disease specialist and virologist, and Mausumi Nandi, a pediatrician at Calcutta Medical College.

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For the last three or four days, the incidence of child fever has been increasing in Bengal. Many children in North Bengal and South Bengal were hospitalized with new fever. The health department is assuring Korona that it is not a viral fever. It is said that a large number of people are infected with respiratory sensitizing virus or RSV.

In addition, malaria, dengue and swine flu are spreading. Child Fever at NRS, Columbia Asia, Institute of Child Health, Amri Mukundpur or Peerless Hospital is continuous. Observers say children are being affected in two ways. On the one hand such frequent weather changes are making children sick. The virus is changing form. On the other hand, many children could not get regular immunizations due to coronary heart disease. As a result, they are being attacked more. Corona has nothing to do with it.

Doctor Sumita Saha (Pediatrician) says that for the last 4 weeks a lot of children have been coming with fever, along with cold-cough, headache, in some cases breathing problems. Most are caught with influenza.

Sumita Devi pointed out another aspect. In the private sector, he says, a test called a respiratory panel costs between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000. It can identify 34 types of viruses. In government cases this is not tested.

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