#Kolkata: Two more children died of fever at North Bengal Medical College Hospital. According to hospital sources, the two children died of pneumonia, septicemia and other diseases.

Viral infections are on the rise in North Bengal. The hospital superintendent claimed that the deaths of the two children in this situation were not due to viral fever. However, overall, 15 children, including a boy, have died in the last 9 days at North Bengal Medical College. Thousands of parents naturally worried.

The pressure is increasing in the hospital as the children’s fever is increasing. According to statistics, there are 139 children in 156 children’s beds at the moment. Of these, 65 are in the children’s department and 57 in the SNCU. 17 people have been admitted in PICU ward. 6 of them are infected with viral fever. In the last 24 hours, 42 new children have been admitted to this hospital. Of which 13 were admitted with viral fever.

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Note: If the child has a fever for more than 3 to 5 days, eats half the normal amount of food, urinates less than five times a day, starts having shortness of breath, and when the oxygen level drops below 92 percent of the normal room temperature, the child should be rushed to hospital.

The health department has also taken some steps after hospitalization. It has been suggested to monitor breathing, blood pressure and fever regularly after hospital admission. Paracetamol has been suggested for symptomatic relief. The baby needs to drink enough water. If necessary, saline should be given, if necessary, oxygen should be given. Oxygen saturation is said to be maintained between 92-96 minutes with 1-2 liters of oxygen per minute with heated humidified high flow nasal cannula. The priority group has been instructed to give Asseltamivir quickly.

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