#Kolkata: Kolkata Police’s Pragati Maidan Police Station has long been the source of rumors that expired chocolates are being sold. On Thursday night, a team of Pragati Maidan Police Station reached a godown on Dhapa Road after receiving information from a secret source. When I went there, I saw a truck full of chocolates standing in front of the godown. The investigating officers of the police station became suspicious when they saw the workers in front of the truck.

From time to time a box full of chocolates comes out of the truck. That’s when the explosive information came out of the attack of Pragati Maidan police officers. It is known that the chocolate came from a place in Dunkuni. What will be done by bringing expired chocolate from Dunkuni to Kolkata? All the police officers are shocked to get the answer to this question.

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It is learned that the expired chocolate from Dunkuni will be filled in a new packet in Kolkata, the expired chocolate will go to the market in that new packet, then the expired chocolate will be available in the market again as before. Beautifully colored packets are made in such a way that they become more attractive and enticing. As soon as the information reached the investigators, the truck loaded with chocolates was stopped and several persons including the driver of the vehicle were detained by the Pragati Maidan police station. After the arrest, the police filed a case under section 272,420,407,120B IPC and started investigation.

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Incidentally, the sale of expired chocolate in this way has come to the notice of the Kolkata Police before. Police arrested the suspects and wanted to know in which markets the expired chocolate would go. Who directed this work? Who is the main cycle of this cycle? How many people are involved in this work? Investigating officers want to get deeper into the investigation by getting answers to these various questions.

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