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CID leaks betting cycle in the city IPL Final betting in Kolkata CID arrests prime accuse – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: CID leaked the betting cycle! The two main pandas of betting are in the net of CID. CID leaked the betting cycle in Kolkata during the final match on Sunday! At that time, CID interrogated some people. After interrogating them, CID arrested two main pandas in the IPL betting cycle. According to CID sources, the names of the arrested are Dilip Sau and Deepak Hazra. Deepak’s house in Basirhat area and Dilip’s house in Maniktala. CID recovered betting materials including laptops, mobiles and desktops. Twenty-one fraudsters were arrested in this betting cycle.

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According to CID sources, Deepak and Dilip, two pandas, have been involved in the betting cycle for many years. The detainees were produced in court on Tuesday and CID took them into custody The CID will try to find out who else is involved in this incident. Earlier in the betting cycle, Kolkata police arrested some people. CID had news that Dilip and Deepak have been running a betting cycle for a long time. CID found the whereabouts of some people during the IPL match on Sunday. Earlier, the CID had arrested several people. But even though those sailors were caught in the CID net, there was a big head behind them. And CID wanted to get his whereabouts.

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In the end, Nineteen was arrested and interrogated. The names of Dilip and Deepak came up after interrogation. CID officials then conducted a search operation. Reached Maniktola and Basirhat. Dilip and Deepak were arrested from there. How many matches have you bet on so far? How much betting? How many are involved? CID wants to know if any other big head is involved in betting. CID officials are trying to get to the bottom of this betting cycle by taking the detainees into their custody. Because the CID investigators are trying to find out if any other head is involved in the betting cycle in the city of Kolkata.

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