CIVIC volunteers save a pregnant woman on read while helpless in labor pain | ‘Superhero’ Civic Volunteer Survives Job Risk – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Woman in labor after childbirth on the street. In the end, the woman gave birth in the hospital with the help of Civic Volunteer (Bangla News). Sayantan Saha, OC of Ultadanga Traffic Guard and Civic Volunteer of Ultadanga Traffic Guard became the savior. Ekaratti saw the light of the world with his help. The new mother survived.

Exactly 9 o’clock in the morning. It was raining continuously. Meanwhile, Sayantan was on duty near Gate No. 2 of Salt Lake on the EA bypass. The governor will pass through that road shortly. So there was extra activity and busyness. It rained heavily from morning till morning, when a pregnant woman was seen groaning helplessly in pain on the open road. Civic Volunteer. Sayantan did not know what to do.

On the one hand, it was raining continuously, on the other hand, the woman who was in pain was running on the road and at that time the Governor would go that way (Bangla News). So surveillance and busyness at the peak. As a result, leaving the road duty (Civic Volunteer) means the safety of the governor is coming up. Sayantan, who was disturbed for a while, contacted VC Kumar Mandal, OC of Ultodanga Traffic Guard, without thinking back.

Sayantan told Vibhas Babu, “Sir, a woman is groaning in pain. If she is not taken to the hospital, it will be a loss. I am leaving duty and taking the woman to the hospital.” With the help of an auto, Chhoten took the lady to a nearby hospital.

The woman was taken to a nearby ESI hospital. The doctor of the hospital came forward after hearing everything in Sayantan’s face. The treatment starts by keeping the rules away. Shortly after, the woman gave birth to a child. Doctors said that if it was a little late, it could be dangerous for the mother and the unborn child. The good news is that both mother and newborn are well. After the woman gave birth to a child, the doctor came and applauded and thanked Sayantan.

People who came to the hospital also thanked the doctors and nurses by clapping. According to Sayantan, it has been raining since this morning and duty was very important. But I was able to do this because of the way Vibhas Sir gave me courage. Because in the case of the VIP movement, leaving the road means losing one’s job. And Sayantan went to the theme as soon as he left the job. But today, even though I lost my job, I felt it was important for me to stand by my mother.

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