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CM looks emotional recalling singur andolon days while performing puja in Bajemelia | “14 days of dharna, 28 days of fasting …” Mamata floated emotionally in Singur! – News18 Bangla


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# Singur: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee paid obeisance at Bajemelia village in Singur. Celebrated the vows. Prasad distributed the children with his own hands. Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee) was apparently emotional when she came to the temple to pay her respects and see the fellow villagers of the movement.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee performed Kalipujo at her home. He has been heard chanting mantras at various occasions, even in political meetings. However, when he went to Shitala temple, he said that he had not learned the mantra of mother Shitala. So he recited the mantra ‘Om Sarvamangala Mangalye’. Mamata Banerjee visited Shitala temple in Kansari Para in Bhabanipur on Thursday. He also worshiped with Benarsi sari and gold broom.

The Chief Minister said that he often visited this Shitala temple. He said that Mamata started her vow of contentment when she was on hunger strike during the land movement in Singur Andolon. The farmers thought of building a small temple when they got the land back. He also built a temple like that. On Friday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came to see the mother’s face and celebrate the vows.

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Regarding the Singur temple, he said, “There was a 14-day dharna here and a 28-day hunger strike in Kolkata. I was beaten and kicked out of the BDO office on September 25. I was bleeding. (Singur Andolon) People had indomitable courage, they were by my side all the time. Mamata Banerjee’s words about the old days and the time of movement came up again and again. We camped at 14. I kept in touch with the camp every day.

Singur Movement: Mamata Banerjee file photo Singur Movement: Mamata Banerjee
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But why the temple Singure? Mamata Banerjee said, I told Becharam Manna I need a small space. My mother kept her word. The agricultural land movement has won. People got their land back. I vowed to build a temple here. I love all scriptures The temple was built in 2019. This time the mind of the temple was drawn. I kept my vow for 18 weeks. I told Becharam Manna to keep water. I am going to celebrate the vows. I celebrated by feeding the kids. I came here to see my mother, to see you, to pay my respects. The Chief Minister was accompanied by two members of his family.

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