#Kolkata: On the day of Amit Shah’s visit, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee referred to Bengal as a safe state, raising the issue of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. “This is Uttar Pradesh, not Bihar. Color is not judged here! Here is the punishment. I have asked the police to take immediate action in case of any incident. Action should be taken without seeing any color.

At present about one crore 80 lakh women of the state are benefiting from this project. Today, on Thursday at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, the distribution of funds for the ‘Lakshiar Bhandar’ project was organized. Hon’ble person was present on the occasion. He handed over the project money to women from different districts. Today, the Chief Minister dedicates the mother earth to the people! In his words, “On this day last year, with your blessing, I had the opportunity to take the oath for the third time. Today I want to dedicate mother earth to people. That is why I have chosen the main soul of our society, my mothers and sisters, who are the luck of the house. “

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On behalf of the party, the Chief Minister greeted the party colleagues. He said to the mother-earth-man, “If you make a mistake, you will catch it.” Give job opportunities. People can be wrong. Making mistakes is also a right. I apologize if anything goes wrong. On the way to the development of Bengal There will be more work at the panchayat and municipality level. I’m starting the district tour. My visit to the district from the 10th. ‘ Or Chatmani? What is called cutting the pocket? Pocket killer? Look at yourself first. If the Murshidabad register is opened, the gas and petrol pump scandal will come out.


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