#Kolkata: After Sravanti Chatterjee left the Gerua camp, a fierce war of words has started in the Trinamool BJP. Saini Ghosh, a Trinamool youth leader, slammed the BJP on the issue of ‘female members’. He said, ‘BJP is a misogynistic party. So no woman can stay in the BJP. “Political tensions began surrounding this remark. BJP all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh made an explosive remark in response to Saini’s remarks on Friday. In the comments of Ghosh, Kunal Ghosh, Dilip Ghosh.

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Sravanti left the BJP on Thursday. He announced to leave the team by tweeting. Since then, one attack after another has flown towards the BJP. After Sravanti left the party, the state president of the youth Trinamool, Saini Ghosh, said at a function in Liluwa on Thursday, “It is not possible for any woman to be in the BJP. BJP is a misogynistic party. In his remarks, Saini quipped, “One star after another is leaving the team. Why is this happening? “

In this context, Dilip’s clear answer is, “I am not being given the opportunity to work in film. That’s why they are leaving. ” In his words, “There is a lot to do in politics. Many succeed there, many do not. How many days have you seen them on the streets, how many days have you seen them protesting? Ever seen them go there beating activists? If someone thinks I’m sitting at home and gives me a wreath, is that politics? ”

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About Saini Ghosh, Dilip Ghosh said, “What does he think of himself! We have made 4-5 women governors. We were the first foreign minister of the country. We gave the responsibility to one woman. On Friday, Dilip Ghosh said about Saini, “What does Saini Ghosh think of himself? Do you consider yourself a man? We have made 4-5 women governors. The first foreign minister, the first defense minister has become a woman. The grassroots who thinks of women do not think of themselves as women. There is only one man in the grassroots, the rest are women. Sravanti is a good girl. Whether he does politics or not, stay well. ”

However, Trinamool’s Kunal Ghosh responded to Dilip Ghosh’s remarks. He said, “Through these comments, Dilip Ghosh has acknowledged Mamata Banerjee’s supreme power. He has indirectly acknowledged her femininity.”

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