#Kolkata: The party manifesto is being published in the last days of the general election. But not the traditional election manifesto. The ‘TMC Report Card’ for the last six years has been made for the Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Elections 2021).

According to party sources, the ruling party of the state is going to present report cards to the people without making a traditional proclamation. Work records have been taken from all the departments of the municipality for making this report card. Peaceful and free elections on the one hand and urban development on the other hand – this is a two-pronged strategy to win the hearts of the people of Kolkata to occupy the grassboard camp.

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This report card will be published in the form of Vision Document. Firhad Hakim, the outgoing municipal administrator of Kolkata Municipality, however, said that multiple plans have been adopted. Based on that, emphasis will be laid on the work of the new city board. What could be in the plan?

According to sources, the fee is frozen in several parts of Kolkata every year. In places like Behala, Khidirpur, Taratla, Armhastra Street, Thanthaniya. The Trinamool wants to stop this problem completely in the coming days if it can form a new Purboard. Second, adequate supply of drinking water. Purified drinking water matches everywhere. But in some wards of the city the amount of water is less. The ruling party wants to speed up water supply in all these areas in the coming days.

At the same time, the grassroots is emphasizing on the environment. They want to take measures to prevent pollution in Kolkata city. That is why there are plans to increase the number of trees. There are plans to increase the number of e-vehicles.

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Firhad Hakim said, “The polluted air of Kolkata goes to Howrah. From there it comes back polluted. This pollution must be prevented.” Apart from this, the ruling party wants to emphasize on the preservation of heritage if a new city board can be formed

There are several heritage buildings in the city of Kolkata. Which there are plans to preserve. With this they want to prevent visual pollution of the city. Firhad Hakim said, “Wire debris must be removed. Hoardings, posters should not be given everywhere.”

The Trinamool Congress wants to move forward with all these issues in mind. According to municipal sources, work records of 12 departments will be presented. The ruling party wants to provide voters with a list of works that have been done across the city, mainly on drinking water, lighting, roads, health, sewerage and garbage removal, and slum development. The leaflet will also contain a summary of the major works that have been done in the past year. Which will be advertised in the form of banners on various streets including the Facebook page of the municipality. Joraful Shibir will also distribute leaflets in the neighborhoods.

From 2015 to 2020, word based booklets were made. Pacific organization IPAC has already conducted multiple surveys at the ward level about grassroots organizations. The condition has been verified in terms of full service there. As a result, this brochure will give a clear idea of ​​where the work has been done and where the work needs to be done. According to party sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has emphasized on rural as well as urban development. Apart from keeping Kolkata clean, special attention has also been paid to beautification. Naturally, the Trinamool wants to use the overall development of Tilotta as a tool in the pre-poll.

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