Contaminated Mustard Oil: The cycle of adulterated mustard oil traders in the big market

Kolkata: Pure mustard oil is being sold at a wholesale price of 160 to 185 rupees per kg in the posta market. The detectives of the Enforcement Branch could not make any calculations. They found that the wholesale price of one kg of small mustard was 75-80 rupees. Maybe, 3 kg of mustard yields about 1 kg of oil. This is the forehead of the detectives.

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Detectives found that the price of 3 kg of mustard is 240 rupees in total. If 1 kg of mustard oil comes out from 3 kg of mustard, the remaining 2 kg of shell comes out. The price of two kg shell is 60 rupees. If electricity bill, labor, transportation cost are matched, 1 kg wholesale cannot be sold below 200 to 220 rupees. Accordingly, the officers of the Calcutta Enforcement Branch raided the godowns of several mustard oil merchants in the Posta area yesterday. The traders are reducing the price of mustard oil by mixing some low quality oil with it. In fact, adulterated mustard oil is feeding the people, that cycle. ‘ Oil samples have been sent to the laboratory.

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Police will start a case against the three oil merchants after receiving the sample report. Allegedly, some traders are mixing scents and chemicals with rice bran oil to make oil spills. Various traders in the big market area are blackmailing people about health and food. Yugalkishore Daman claims that he will take strong action against all these cycles very soon. If something terrible is found, starting with the revocation of the license, the criminals can also be jailed.

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