#Kolkata: Voting has started in the state by-elections under tight security. Baliganj, Asansol has a tight security zone. Various polling stations in Ballygunge By Election have been cordoned off to ensure smooth voting. Central forces have been deployed.

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Trinamool candidate Babul Supriyo was seen in Baliganj this morning. He was wearing a white flower shirt and black pants. He explained the real reason for the color trial. “I came out wearing a white shirt today. You can interpret this white shirt as you like. But the only explanation for me is that I came out of Asansol with a white transparent image. We had a backbone. Me and Shatrughna Sinha. Talks with Shatrughna Sinha till night. He will win Asansol. “

Trinamool candidate Babul Supriya in Baliganj Trinamool candidate Babul Supriya in Baliganj

Babul Supriyo, who is confident of winning the Ballygunge By Election, added, “There was a lot of controversy against me here. I used to be 80% of the people. Now I am with 100% of the people. Everybody fought with me. My only ‘compliment’ today is, as I was leaving the house in the morning, my father saw my dress today and said, “Wow, it looks like you’re going to record again in Bombay.”

By the way, this time Babul Supriya is contesting as a Trinamool candidate in Ballygunge By Election. Keya Ghosh is contesting as BJP candidate. Saira Shah Halim is contesting as CPM candidate and Kamaruzzaan Chowdhury is contesting as Congress candidate. This time there is going to be a four-way fight in this Baliganj center. Now let’s see who the voters choose as the people’s representative in Baliganj center.

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According to the Election Commission, the total number of voters in Baliganj this time is around two and a half lakh. There are a total of 300 booths. Of these, 23 are sensitive booths. Central forces are deployed in each booth. A total of 16 companies have been deployed in the central forces. Central forces have been deployed within 200 meters of each booth and outside the booth. The Election Commission has already informed that two central forces will be deployed in each booth. Outside the 200 meters, there will be both state police and central forces. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections. Without a central force, it is not possible to have a fair vote. Central forces have been deployed by the Election Commission in compliance with the demands of the opposition.

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