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Corona Booster Dose: Kolkata residents are not interested in Corona Booster Dose! Administration in thought


#Kolkata: Health workers are sitting with the vaccine. There is no one to take it. This picture is now in the health center of Calcutta Municipality. But there is a long wait in line after line to take this vaccine.

Kolkata residents are reluctant to get booster dose vaccine. Corona: Interest in the vaccine has decreased as fear has subsided.

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About 9 lakh sixty inhabitants in Kolkata municipality area. But less than 25 percent have taken the booster dose vaccine.

This time Kolkata Municipality has taken initiative to increase the number of booster dose vaccines. Health workers will go from house to house. If you have not taken booster dose for people over 60, collect information including name and phone number. After that, the health workers of the municipality will contact the secret number of that name. Raise awareness and become interested in vaccines.

Counselors will also approach people who have not been vaccinated. Awareness will also be spread through mic in each ward.

According to the health department of Kolkata Municipality, the work of giving precautionary dose or booster dose started from March 21, 2022. So far four lakh 3 thousand 744 people have taken booster dose. 2 lakh 85 thousand 94 people in its mid sixties. 53 thousand 57 health workers. 65 thousand 894 front line workers.

At one time many people expressed keen interest in taking booster doses. Many stood in line at that time and took the booster. Many people were inquiring about where and when the booster dose would be given. But all that is now past.

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In fact, the incidence of corona has decreased a lot. As a result, Kolkata residents are no longer interested in boosters. However, in the last few days, the graph of corona attacks has increased a lot across the country. The fear of the fourth wave is also appearing again. This time the administration is insisting on giving a booster dose. But now there is not much interest in booster among the common people. Which has become a matter of concern to the administration.

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