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Corona Vaccine | Bengal news: Big news! All college and university students will be given vaccine, decision Corona Vaccine in the state


#Kolkata: Physical classes are about to start in state colleges and universities? On Wednesday, there was a lot of speculation in the guidelines of the state health department. The health department has decided to give corona vaccine to all students of colleges and universities in the state. The health building sent instructions to the districts to this effect on Wednesday. The guidelines state that colleges and universities are likely to open offline. So it was decided that all the students who are in suitable higher education institutions, they will be vaccinated quickly. All arrangements for the vaccine will be made by the State Department of Health in consultation with the Department of Higher Education.

According to sources, the Corona Vaccine camps will be held mainly on college and university campuses. The camps will be set up only if the necessary infrastructure is available there. Otherwise, the camps that have already been set up by the health department will be used for vaccination. That is why the state health department has already directed the chief health officers of each district to hold meetings with college and university stakeholders. However, all staff must be sent to universities and colleges to administer the vaccine. The vaccination process has been started by the health department from January 16. The guidelines sent to the districts said that the health department has so far been able to administer 5.20 crore vaccines in the first and second doses combined.

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For the last few weeks, the students have been protesting against the presidency and the opening of the Jadavpur University campus. Not only that. Students of Jadavpur University have staged protests more than once on the issue of vaccination of students. Besides, the students of Presidency University are also protesting for a long time and sometimes marching again. Jadavpur University Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das also wrote a letter to the health department to give corona vaccine to the students.

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Finally, the University was relieved by this instruction from the Department of Health. Part of it. According to sources, the state wants to start offline reading in universities and colleges soon after Pujo. That is why the state wants to end the process of vaccinating college and university students before Pujo. Therefore, the state health department directed the districts to be active in vaccinating college and university students.

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