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Court admits, Sonagachhi dolls do not want to hide their faces about their profession – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Recognition of the profession in the eyes of the Supreme Court. There is still a long way to go. The fight will continue. Says, one of them. The city is running on a daily basis. Orao is also a part of this city. The country’s top court has recently ruled that prostitution is a profession in their eyes. Dolly Saha, a resident of Sonagachi, is one of those professions. Society did not recognize his profession. The fight against it is going on. Dolly is not ashamed of her job. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Dolly Saha of Sonagachi says, I am not ashamed of this profession. I have said before with a swollen chest. I will still say that I am a sex worker. The world of tension. Boy, girl. Elderly parents. How can so many stomachs? One day Dolly moved from Bangaon to Ultodanga in the hope of getting a job. Work in a lodge in the alliance. But the lodge authorities allegedly used Dolly in prostitution, among other things.

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He did not pay any extra money for this. Then one day Sonagachi. From the year 2000 till today. He did not hide his identity as a sex worker. Fighting is going on as well. The fight for recognition as a sex worker. The fight will continue. Says not only Dolly, but many more of Sonagachi like Dolly. Their daily struggle is still going on there. There is constant fighting. Harassment in various ways at different times. The hard fight of life. Yet they want to hold on to this profession till the last day of their lives. No one is ashamed to introduce themselves as sex workers. Now there is only one demand. No one should look down on girls like them. Let their children have every opportunity to be human like everyone else. The Supreme Court has recently questioned the recognition of prostitution as a profession like the five jobs.

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To Dolly, this is a step towards victory. Bishakha Lashkar, president of Durbar Mahila Samonvay Samiti, also said, “We will continue to fight for the recognition of sex work. We will prove that the women of Sonagachi are not Brahmins in the eyes of the society. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself from the sex worker profession. Rather feel proud. And like the five of them, they are also involved in the battle of life. Like other citizens, they have constitutional rights. Says sex workers.

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