#Rampurhat: The court did not allow the polygraph test of the accused in the Bogtui case this time (Rampurhat Update). As a result, the CBI played a small role in this case. It is the opinion of the informed quarters that this push is due to not taking proper legal action. The court said the test could not be conducted if the accused had any objections.

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On Friday, the CBI (Bogtui) requested that they conduct polygraph tests on seven people, including Anarul Hossain. The reason given in the CBI’s petition was that these seven people are not speaking the truth, that is, they are trying to confuse the CBI (Rampurhat Update). Anarul Hossain’s lawyer later claimed that there was an error in the CBI’s application.

Anarul’s lawyer in the case said that the person who will have the polygraph test has to get permission and also where the test will be done. The lawyer told the court that the permission of the accused (Rampurhat Update) was not taken in this case. The court then asked the accused whether to agree to the polygraph test.

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