Covaxin gets WHO approval: World Health Organization recognizes Covaxin as Diwali’s biggest gift

#NewDelhi: India received a big gift in Diwali. Covaxin has finally been approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical advisory department. The recognition was tweeted by Hu. Last week, a panel from the World Health Organization asked India Biotech for some information. Hu gave the green signal after receiving satisfactory information. Poonam Singh, Hu’s Regional Director for Southeast Asia, congratulated India on being listed for Emergency Use Listing.

World Health Organization Tweet-

A meeting was called on October 26 on behalf of the Technical Advisory Department. Shortly after that meeting, India Biotech was asked to provide some information about Kovacin. Kovacin has already provided the World Health Organization with information on its effectiveness. According to the agency, its effectiveness in the case of those with symptoms is 7.6 percent. Its effectiveness against the Dilta variant is 85.2 percent. In June, the agency said it had received the final survey report at the end of the third phase of the trial.

At the G20 summit in Geneva last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself requested Adhanam Gabriasis, Hu’s chief trader, to look into the Kovacin issue. He said India is currently capable of producing 5 billion vaccines a year. This infrastructure of India will help the whole world to fight against Kovid. This is why he is urgently seeking the green signal for the vaccine.

The two most popular vaccines in India are Kovacin from India Biotech and Covishield, a joint venture between Astrojeneka and Oxford University. Hu has already given emergency clearances to Pfizer, Astrogeneca, Johnson & Johnson Moderena and Synoform vaccines.

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