Covid19 in WB syllabus | Big news for millions of students, don’t do it in the state government’s syllabus this time, who should read it?

#Kolkata: Coronavirus in the syllabus of the state government this time. From the current academic year, the syllabus of class XI (Covid19 in WB syllabus) has been included. This lesson was originally included in the eleventh grade ‘Education and Health section. What is the character of coronavirus and how it is transmitted is described in detail in this chapter. This chapter will be included in the book on physical education and health.

In addition, the novel coronavirus is going to be mentioned in detail in the sixth grade curriculum from the next academic year. The hygiene protocol will also be included in the curriculum, according to the school education department.

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So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. In this changed situation, coronavirus as well as various infectious diseases including malaria will be described in detail.

Public health expert Dr Kajal Krishna Banik said, “The inclusion of coronavirus at school level is commendable and commendable. Coronavirus will never go away. The virus needs to be explained from the beginning. Raising awareness about the virus in students’ lives will benefit the community.”

Parimal Bhattacharya, headmaster of Jadavpur Vidyapeeth, said, “Enrollment from the school level is commendable. There was a lot of controversy around the world about what coronavirus is.

Corner outbreaks have been seen by students of all ages throughout the last two academic years. Many have lost loved ones. At the moment there is fear of the third wave of Kovid. Whether it is the state education department or any other epidemic, the new generation should be made aware of this issue from now on. Then they will be able to prevent any major infection in the future.

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