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CPIM: ‘Criminal Offense’, CPIM’s demand for cancellation of Agnipath! The red camp will highlight the weaknesses of the project


#Kolkata: Debate has started across the country over the Centre’s ‘Agnipath’ project. Several groups have already taken to the streets to protest the fire. The central government has also taken several steps to quell the protests. Social media is also practically hot on this issue. Meanwhile, the CPM has demanded the withdrawal of the ‘Agneepath scheme’.

A press statement was issued by the party’s politburo on Thursday. This claim has been made there. The statement said, “The Agnipath project will seriously harm the national interest of India. The CPI (M) politburo has strongly demanded the cancellation of the project. Such a project is nothing but a shameless compromise in terms of the quality and professionalism of the country’s army. No recruitment has taken place in the army in the last two years. This could lead to a dangerous situation, such as the recruitment of troops into various sectarian or private militia forces. “

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The press release further stated, “In the present social structure of our country, there are already many opportunities for unwanted exploitation and oppression. In such a project, that pattern will take a more complex shape.” It is a crime to invite the youth of the country to perform the ultimate duty of self-sacrifice in the interest of the country without the provision of minimum security in the work to be done. The spontaneous demonstrations in different parts of the country have ignited the anger of the people against this project. The CPIM’s politburo has demanded that the ‘Agnipath’ project be scrapped immediately and the process of permanent recruitment in the army begin. “

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A member of the CPM’s central committee said, “No one knows what will happen to their lives after four years. The darkness of uncertainty. Then will they have to work in the hands of private mercenaries? Does it ever happen? Can it be the future of any human being? And the professionalism of the Army will be played out. This is a criminal offense. I took the best four years of my life. They are ready for Supreme Sacrifice. But we have no responsibility for them. If the state goes like this, the reaction of the people is normal. “

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