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CPIM | Forward Bloc || The ‘Lokmat’ magazine turned around and the spokesperson of the Forward Bloc was newly published


#Kolkata: It was closed for some time. The ‘Lokmat’ magazine turned around again. Forward Bloc spokesman. For the time being, this magazine will be published as a monthly magazine. Forward Bloc is moving towards making it a digital magazine in the future.

Naren Chattopadhyay, state secretary of the party, said, “Lokmat, the Bengali spokesperson of the Forward Bloc, has been in our state for a long time. Regular papers could not be published on such a day. Weekly papers were also published on such days. Ashok Ghosh used to do everything. No party can be turned into a fighting party.” As long as he has a series of magazines, we learned that from Ashok Dar, so we started that work on the eve of the centenary of Ashok Ghosh’s birth. Papers are already being taken from different districts. An editorial board will be formed. In the future, this paper will be made digital. There are pro-Subhash people all over the world who cannot be reached without digital. “

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The first issue was published in June after the paper was published in a new way. The publication of this paper has caused great excitement among the people, especially the activists of the party. Party supporter Dipankar Shil said after hearing the paper, “Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s party is the Forward Bloc. So it is natural that people will be interested to know what the spokesperson of that party is saying.

Another supporter of the party is Prashant Dasgupta. He said, “It is a good thing that the paper has come out. Even if you are a political spokesperson, you have to have professionalism in the paper. Those who are supporters of this party must read this paper. You have to read it. The success of the paper will depend on the popularity of the paper among the general public. “


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