#Kolkata: At the beginning of the day, how will the left go to the rest of the day of premature voting in Bengal. In Bhabanipur, the first round of counting was over, CPIM candidate Sreejib Biswas got 85 votes. It was understood that Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee is far away, and in Bhabanipur, Sreejib will be able to get close to BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal. The morning guess was the result at noon. In the end, it was seen that Mamata Banerjee got 74,389 votes as the Trinamool candidate. BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal got 26,320 votes. And CPIM candidate Sreejib Biswas got only 4201 votes. That is, the security is confiscated. The situation is similar in Jangipur-Samsherganj.

In Jangipur, Trinamool candidate Zakir Hossain got 137,444 votes and BJP’s Sujit Das got 43,948 votes. And the RSP knows that Alam Mia got only 906 votes. Trinamool’s Zakir Hossain won the seat by 92,480 votes. The situation of the left in Samsherganj is the same. Trinamool candidate Amirul Islam has won in that constituency. He won by 27,369 votes. Trinamool candidate Amirul Islam, BJP candidate Milon Ghosh, Congress candidate Jaidur Rahman and CPIM candidate Modassar Hossain contested in Samsherganj assembly constituency. The Trinamool got 98,418 votes, the Congress got 80,036 votes, the BJP got 10,600 votes and the CPI (M) got only 6,156 votes.

Seeing the situation, Left Front Chairman Biman Basu remarked at a party function at Rajpur Rabindra Bhavan in Sonarpur, “The result has been what it was supposed to be. I did not think that this vote would have some very exceptional results. However, this time some people who vote regularly, they did not vote in this election. Especially in the center of Bhabanipur. I don’t know why they didn’t vote. Voting has been good in Samsherganj and Jangipur. But what was supposed to happen there has happened. I did not think that the percentage of votes of the Left would increase. What will happen to the Left after that? What are the leftists going to do in the upcoming by-elections? The Left Front chairman replied, “It will be announced in a few days by holding a meeting on how to fight the upcoming by-elections in an alliance.”

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In the last assembly elections, the Left had formed an alliance with the Congress and Abbas Siddiqui’s party. But the Left Front has become virtually dusty. They do not have a single MLA in the assembly now. In this situation, the skeletal appearance of CPIM and the front came to the fore once again in the by-elections. According to political circles, in this situation, it is difficult for the Left to get better in the by-elections of four centers again at the end of this month.

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