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CPIM | Kolkata News || Liberation protests at the gates of the palace in protest of the price increase


#Kolkata: CPIM Liberation demonstrated in front of Raj Bhavan on Thursday. On this day, several activists of the party came to protest in front of the Raj Bhavan against the increase in the prices of cooking gas, petrol, diesel and other necessities. The program was led by party leader Atanu Chattopadhyay, secretary of the Kolkata district committee. He said, “The skyrocketing prices of all essential commodities. The Modi government is responsible for the continuous rise in prices of cooking gas, petrol and diesel, which are out of reach.

In this regard, the central government has given the green signal for all the emergency medicines and price hike, which has given a boost to the lives of the people. A few days ago, the Modi government’s move to reduce the price of petrol and diesel was nothing but a cruel joke. While the people of the whole country are laughing at the price hike, the insensitive Modi government is still indifferent.

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State government and no action. The Mamata government has no political will to address the common man. The state government, mired in corruption, is busy saving itself. The police administration showed a lot of effort to tackle peaceful protests. If we do not take appropriate action to curb inflation, there will be more movement in the coming days. “

The party has decided to continue the movement demanding several more points including price hike. Alimuddin recently met at a meeting on the street. Leaders of 15 leftist parties. It was decided that the Left and its allies would launch a movement across the state. A central program will also be adopted in Kolkata. Top leadership will be present there. Leftists allege that the central and state governments are indifferent to curb price rise. The leftists want to reduce the price rise by organizing continuous movement against it. According to a section of the political circles. This movement actually contains the political equation of the future. This movement is actually a tactic to strengthen left unity across the state before the panchayat elections. A section of the intelligentsia thinks that the Left has not really gained any political advantage from the Congress. That is why the Left leadership wants to move forward by strengthening the Left unity in the future.


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