CPIM Leader attended Mamata Banerjee rally Not the leftists, the former leftist leader Mamata Banerjee appeared on the campaign stage

#Kolkata: Left candidates have already been announced in the Bhabanipur by-election. In the morning and in the afternoon he is campaigning all over the assembly. However, Badal Chattopadhyay (CPIM leader attended Mamata Banerjee rally) was not seen in his campaign. In addition to Mamata Banerjee’s staff meeting, the 74-year-old was also seen on the stage of Mamata’s meeting in Chetla. The Left leader was present on the dais of Mamata Banerjee’s meeting between two MPs Mala Roy and Kalyan Banerjee, two ministers Firhad Hakim and Arup Biswas. This incident soon became one of the highlights of Mamata Banerjee’s election rally on Wednesday.

Earlier in the second week of September, the veteran leftist leader (CPIM Leader Mamata Banerjee rally) was present at the Trinamool Congress staff meeting. Not only that, from that platform, leftist teacher leader Badal Chatterjee also appealed to Mamata Banerjee to win. Badal Chatterjee was also present at the meeting of Ahindra Mancha of Chetla. Before Mamata Banerjee’s speech, Trinamool leader and state transport minister Firhad Hakim brought her on stage.

On that day, Mamata Banerjee gave an opportunity to the veteran leftist leader to speak before presenting her speech. With a mic in his hand, the 64-year-old leader said, ‘Mamata has won the whole of Bengal. Why does he have to fight again? My appeal to all political parties and all struggling people is that we can win Mamata without contest. So that no one dares to vote against him.

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The CPM has already announced its candidate against Mamata. The confidence of the Left against the Chief Minister is youth. In Bhabanipur, CPM’s lawyer leader Sreejib Biswas has become the candidate from the Left Front. However, the veteran leftist leader of Chetla is seen attending Mamata Banerjee’s meeting without splitting his throat on behalf of the leftist candidate. Badal Chatterjee was also seen sitting on the stage with the rest of the grassroots leaders for a long time on Wednesday.

The leftist leader can be seen on the Trinamool stage to explain that Mamata is the only hope to stop the BJP. The Trinamool Congress has already made an audio visual about Bhabanipur. Badal Babu’s statement of that day has also found a place in it.

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