CPIM | Municipal Election: The name of trust is Shantipur.

#Kolkata: The result of the Shantipur by-election was against the anti-coalition alliance of Hatiyar CPIM. And this time Suryakanta Mishra, the state secretary of CPIM, shielded the party line.

The CPIM’s state committee met on Tuesday. The party conference and municipal elections were discussed in the meeting. But leaders of several districts demanded not to form an alliance in the municipal elections. Their tool was the Shantipur by-election.

Opposition leaders claimed that the party had not won a single seat in the Lok Sabha elections. The party has collapsed by forming an alliance in the assembly elections and the votes have also come down to the bottom. In that case, there was no alliance in the recent by-election in Shantipur. The Left and the Congress fielded separate candidates. However, the turnout has increased a lot in the hands of the CPIM. But the pro-alliance leaders think that this formula will not be reflected in the entire state even if the results of Shantipur are encouraging. However, Alimuddin Street is going to give the regional leaders the right to make the final decision on this issue.

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CPI (M) central committee member Sujan Chakraborty told a news conference that Biman Basu had said that the alliance would be discussed at a meeting of the Left Front. “

In a reply to the state committee meeting on the same day, CPM state secretary Suryakanta Mishra said, “According to the party’s line, the aim is to bring all the anti-BJP Trinamool votes in one box.

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According to party sources, the alliance will be discussed. If there is an alliance, it will be run according to the formula of the alliance. But in a seat where the party organization is weak even if there is no alliance, the other party which is strong against the BJP Trinamool will be given the seat.

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