#Kolkata: Not in one step, but step by step. The CPM wants to get back the political land by following this tactic. Already, a number of political circles are seeing similar indications in the results of several elections. The CPM, which lost in the last Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, also slipped to number four as a political party. Turning from there, he won the second place in the municipal elections and the recently concluded Baliganj assembly by-elections. The party has also increased its vote in the Asansol Lok Sabha by-election. This time, Alimuddin Street is aiming to be the main opposition party in the upcoming elections by maintaining this trend.

How did this success?

According to party sources, the support of a large section of the party went to the BJP due to repeated poor results in the polls. Another part sat idle. After the BJP’s defeat in the Assembly elections, it succeeded in trying to get that part back. That success is seen again in the enthusiasm of the party workers. Inflation is also found in a number of movements, including Aniskand. The results matched the EVM.

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Second, running around with the goal of winning a vote would be a waste of energy. Therefore, specific pockets of potential have been targeted by arithmetic. And there have been attempts to house ‘committed votes’. The party has been campaigning for ‘one day, not one day. According to a section of political experts, Alimuddin’s weapon is now the same tactic that made the tortoise succeed in the rabbit and tortoise race.

Although he did not speak directly on the issue, CPM central committee member Sujan Chakraborty said, “There is no alternative to the left. People are slowly beginning to understand. However, the Trinamool is reluctant to take this issue seriously, said party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh.

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