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CPIM Protest against Price Hike || New equations in the price rise movement? 15 left parties calling for running together


#Kolkata: The movement was in protest of the price hike. There were hints of a new political equation in the state tomorrow. From May 25-31, 15 leftist political parties called for a statewide movement against the price hike. In the districts, the political parties have done it like themselves. At the concluding ceremony on Rani Rasmoni Road on 31st May, a call was heard from the leadership to walk together.

On the same day, CPIM politburo member Suryakanta Mishra said, “If some people are upset, let them go alone. It is about Ravi Tagore. I can’t say more than Ravi Tagore. Come on Ray. But don’t call anyone. People have to be called. Let them get the hang of it. Today’s fascism attacks the brain. So you have to attack with the brain. The big one is in Delhi. We have to fight against them. If we can remove it, it is not a trivial matter. We have to call in such a way that everyone comes.

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CPI state secretary Swapan Bandopadhyay said, “We have become weak. This is the pace of history. Civilization does not falter. It moves in a crooked way. When leftists are weak. Capitalism wants to swallow human civilization. Slaves of corporate capital across the country. Where BJP is weak.” There are some regional parties coming forward in cooperation. Ten percent of the people own the capital. Ten percent more people will be fine with it. But it sucks the blood of 80 percent of the people. The movement is bound to be strong. “

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CPI (M) Liberation Front leader Kartik Pal said, “Prices of commodities, especially medicines, are going up. There is no price for fish if we buy rice and pulses. This country is mine. It is not Modi Shah’s. The income of working farmers has not increased. People want to see whether there is red flag and rent. There is no MLA in the left. There is no MP in this state. From now on that place has to be created. The question is where the people have gone. . “

PDS’s Anuradha Puttund said, “Sometimes we are together, sometimes we oppose. People don’t want to see it. We want to be united.” According to CRLI leader Asim Chatterjee, “all leftist and democratic parties must unite to stop fascism.” CPM state secretary Mohammad Selim said at the end, “I am telling the leaders as I have told the people to walk together.” According to a section of political experts, Alimuddin’s alliance with the Congress created distance between many leftist parties. But there has been no alliance with the Congress in several recent elections. The party is losing interest in the Congress as the election results are better than before. In that place, the strategy has been to unite more with the left parties. There are indications in the speech of today that all the left parties also agree with it.


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